Diamond Trading Programme (Limited Time Only)

According to Investment Weekly Magazine, diamond has the highest earning potential in trading. Because of the fact that they are items of ostentation, their value rises and falls depending on the needs of the buyer. Fundamentally, the diamond trading market is a buyer’s market. So one diamond worth 50 bitcoins in Canada can be worth 70 bitcoins to a buyer in Abu Dhabi.

Because of the buyer-dependent market, diamond trading is a very high potential business. In times past, diamond trading involved a lot of cumbersome processes and back-and-forth negotiations.

The internet age has changed everything. The blockchain technology of bitcoins brings a new level of trust and security to the diamond trading market, and now diamonds are valued in bitcoins to facilitate diamond trading over the Internet.

We buy and sell diamonds on the international diamond exchange. Before the internet, diamond trading was not easy, but now with bitcoins, we can trade diamonds easily.

With an investment of 2 bitcoins, you will earn 10 bitcoins after 14 days from diamond trading. 5 bitcoins will earn 25 bitcoins in the same period.

The earning trend of diamonds is such that profits can be made quickly. Diamonds have an 85% of going up in price once purchased. Once they are purchased, they are kept under a hold-order until their value increases, then they are sold again and the funds are used to reinvest and resell. Because of the ease of business of bitcoin transactions and the facilitated trading channels, so many diamond trading transactions can be carried out on one trading account in a day.

Once the investor invests, the trader finds good diamond trades to participate in and make profits for the client. In a few trades, huge profits are made.

There are also some additional perks attached to diamond trading. Once the investor invests enough and grows his account enough, the investor can request for the trader to buy some diamonds and send to his address. Thereby with only a minimum of 5 bitcoins investment and some smart additional investment moves, a client can own several pieces of diamonds.

Also, investors whose diamond trading accounts have grown to up to 50 bitcoins qualify for the Elite VIP Diamond Earner Status, which entitles the investor to discounted private jet trips, sponsored trips to some select holiday locations like the Bahamas, Cayman Islands and Luxembourg.

Diamond trading is the investment for the wealthy, and with bitcoins, anybody who wants to be wealthy can make it happen.

Invest in diamonds today. Diamonds are the future.

In order to invest:

Preliminary Step: Register on the site with your username, email address and password.

STEP 1: Send your bitcoins to the provided bitcoin address to secure a trading slot.

STEP 2: Send an email to admin@firstoptionstrading.com mentioning

STEP 3: Wait 24 hours for your account to be updated. Then log into the site, and kindly input your Bitcoin address in the field provided for it. With that Bitcoin address, you will receive your payout automatically once your trading period is over.

STEP 4: Monitor your account over the trading period. Don’t hesitate to ask a support question to admin@firstoptionstrading.com or ask your personal trader. The traders are always glad to help.

STEP 5. Collect your payout when due. It’s easy.

Bonus Step: Refer your friends and family!

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